Our Services

Web Designing & Development

Logo & Brochure Designing are pure designing concepts where the same is done by making use of any designing tool.


Web Designing / Web Re-Designing

We leverage the world's most advanced technologies and Web 2.0 functionalities to create websites that are compelling and user-friendly.

Web Development

We use a Web 2.0 approach to design unique applications that allow you to build even stronger relationships with your customers.

Customizing CMS

Our custom CMSs help you manage your site, are easy to operate and leave you free to focus on converting leads to sales.

Logo Design

Our highly trained designers use Web 2.0 graphics to develop a unique identity to set your business apart from the rest.

Software Development

Software Development

Web Applications are dynamic web based applications which will be used to control a business operations.

Doamin Registration

Domain Registration

Domain Registration service allows one to select the desired domain name to host the website of personal use as well as of business.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Development is a term used to denote the act or process by which application software is developed for handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. Making Great applications requires vision. From strategy to design to development. GlensPark Software solutions will help you every step of the way.

We develop all kinds of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad as well as Android development for various devices. We make sure that your users have a 24/7 access to your products via branded, interesting and exquisitely designed apps. Our Android, iPhone, IOS and iPad applications facilitate our clients to achieve their distinct goals.

Our diverse knowledge, excellent services and systematic approach makes us the Best mobile app development company in Kerala.


iOS Apps Development is done with Objective C as the core development language. The iOS Apps are developed with Xcode development kit from Apple by the iOS Application Developers. The Developed iOS Apps are deployed to the Apple App Store making it available for iPhone or iPad or iPod.


Android Apps Development is done with Java as the Core language and Eclipse development kit. There are Multiple vendors in the market who make android devices. The Android Apps Developed are posted to the Google Play Store for making it available for different device users.


Search Engine and Social Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process Internet marketing of maximizing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website from search engines through natural or organic search results for specific keywords. More specifically, Search optimization is designed to get a website listed in the organic, or natural search results area of the SERPs, rather than in the sponsored results of the search engines. SEO plays a major part in the online growth of your business and also helps to increase the quality and quantity of their search engine traffic.

GlensPark Software solution provides a complete solution in Search Engine Optimization both On Page and Off Page, which provides an edge to our clients in selecting proper keywords for Search Engine Optimization.

We guarantee best search results for your website in search engines. We have the best in-house organic SEO Team.



In this midst of online world, mainstream individuals always prefer internet channel to explore, evaluate and communicate rather than making a word of excellence. It has become an inevitable aspect for companies to promote their branding image to magnetize more audience in the virtual space. We, at GlensPark Software Solutions offer the finest in online branding for your business solutions by creating your brand unique and exclusive.

Our Optimizer's help you increase awareness of your product, brand or event by using a number of Social Media's. Get recognized Globally!


Internet of Things (IoT) demystified. The IoT is a network of connected physical things: IoT devices, endpoints and IoT-enabled assets, ranging from consumer devices to industrial assets such as machines and plants.
These IoT devices and assets are equipped with electronics, including transducers such as sensors and actuators, connectivity/communication electronics and software to capture, filter and exchange data about themselves, their internal/external state and the environment they physically reside in. IoT is an essential driver for customer-facing innovation, data-driven optimization and automation, digital transformation, innovation, research and development and entirely new applications, business models and revenue streams across all sectors.

We are an IoT Software Services, Application Development & IoT Consulting Solutions Company, leveraging the scale, flexibility and cost efficiencies in IT infrastructure, storage, and computing resources offered by the cloud. Our expert IoT Consultants & Developers help you with your IoT needs by providing End-to-End IoT Solutions while keeping innovation at the core.


IoT Capabilities

Create impressive Home & Industrial IoT Automation systems that keep you ahead of the fast-evolving automation technology. Take better control of your business components by IoT-enabled Smart Asset Management & Fleet Management systems. The possibilities are endless.


Connected Platforms

Leverage our advanced IoT Centers and expert IoT Architects & consultants to build smart, connected products and solutions for your industry-specific IoT needs. Our proven practices in IoT Analytics across consumer, enterprise, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and a wide range of industry use cases make us expert IoT Service Providers and one of the most trusted IoT Partners.


Intelligent IoT Systems

Leverage capabilities in IoT application development, AI & machine learning, IoT strategy consulting, advanced analytics and natural language processing to transform streaming and at-rest data into patterns, predictions, recommendations and actions for exceptionally intelligent interactions and outcomes.


Data Stream Processing

With our IoT Data Management, you can design and implement massively parallel real-time processing & analytics for IoT data streams that deliver actions in near real time, combining data streams from IoT sensors and device-generated events.



Store, ingest and process streams of data from IoT sensors and devices, and develop solutions for descriptive & diagnostic analytics, and advanced predictive & prescriptive analytics.


IoT Monitoring

Bank on our inbuilt analytical monitoring to keep your application up and running while constantly increasing its uptime. Whether it is Basic, Infrastructure, Application, Hybrid or Remote IoT Monitoring, we just know what best suits your application.


IoT Managed Services & Support

Get intelligent support and insights that help you make smarter strategic decisions and accelerate the speed-to-market of your device. Take advantage of our End-to-End product lifecycle adherence, including but not limited to IoT Testing Services, IoT Security Testing, Application Performance Tuning, Device Optimization & IoT Predictive Maintenance


IoT Technology Expertise

With expertise spanning IoT Application Development, IoT Smart Building, IoT Mobile App Development, IoT Software Development, IoT Product Design & Development, data management and analytics, cloud computing, integration ours is an ideal IoT Company and a partner to help enterprises successfully design, build and deploy their IoT initiatives.